Crumble: a little purple monster who is always interrupting Sparrowhawk, especially in his favourite stories!

Rizzo: the bird of pardise who is naughty but nice, she dosn't say much but she is very kind and even though she is big, she wouldn't hurt a fly.

Samson Escargot : the little snail who loves to listen and give you advice even if he does not know the answer!

Ruggles: this big red and black monster is a big softy and she loves cuddles. She loves you even if she can't say it. She is also crumble's big sister.

Porridge: the little emrald dragon  who wants to know everything there is to know and he can't breath fire, he blows bubbles.

Buddy Cool: this little guy is a know it all and  a show off, he loves skating and surfing but he has a big heart.  

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